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Work with India’s top company and earn Rs.2,50,000 every week

what is Indus Viva ?

Indus Viva was a Top leader in Network Marketing Business approved by Indian Government in 2014.

They started their legal business work in India from 2014 , headquartered in World Trade Center, Bangalore.

Registered in the name of Indus Viva Health Sciences PVT. Ltd and associated with different medical science companies such as:

     1.Olive Lifesciences Pvt. ltd. Bangalore
     2.Olive Lifesciences Inc. (USA)
     3.Bio-actives Japan Corporation (Japan)

Also, the Indus Viva Company have built a very strong  business model to work during free times.

Their working model will make every individual earn more than Rs. 1,000,000 every month with just little investment.


How does it work ? 

Indus Viva company was started to sell Medical valued products both inside and out side India.

Its chairman Mr. C. A. Anzar and CEO Dr. P. S. Patanjali have planned to start a part time model network marketing business by using their own products.

Their idea gave rise to this wonderful business work for all people. More over,

             Mr. Paul Zane Pilzer — American Economist, New-York Times best selling author, Tap into the next Trillion Dollar Industry - Health & Wellness 

As his words, Indus Viva company have started a successful network marketing business in 2014 with their 4 Medical Products and framed a well structured business model.

every individual to have a chance to take more than Rs. 1,000,000 every month (Rs.2,50,000 Weekly).

Very simple home work was  formulated? Selling products only to two of your neighbors, friends or relatives  will help you to earn such huge income every month

How to start business ?

Starting this wonderful business is very simple. All you have to do is to purchase their four medical valued products with your required ratio worth from Rs.12000+400 Courier fee (100 pv). Now you will be given access to their online account with your Username and Password. and you get 2000 business welcome bonus.

The commission will be calculated based on your earned PV (Point Value) in a busineess week before FRIDAY Mid-Night and paid on coming MONDAY on the following week (Deposited in your bank account)

Understand how this  Marketing scheme working by either through advice from your Upline or by learning Vibrant Viva Program.

Now refer only two of your friends on your Right and Left and do same duplication with your down line.

From here, your business will start growing automatically. For every 100 PV (L + R) sales you will earn Rs.1000/- as Income.



  1. I PULSE
  4. I SLIM


It is a specially made drink coming with 1-ltr. UV protected bottle. This is the main product which acts as an excellent Food supplement.

This drink is prepared with 15 fruits particularly picked along with ACAI BERRY fruit, which is the main ingredient.

This fruit is found only in Amazon forest which is having very high ORAC value.

This health drink does give our body powerful anti-oxidants that help to protect our body from 26 different medical illnesses.

Some of them are:

  • Helps grow immune system,
  • Improve anti-oxidants,
  • Best preventive medicine for Cancer
  • Best solution for Infertility problem,
  • Improves eye vision power,
  • Improves HBC in blood cells,
  • Supports new cell growth in our body thus helps reducing pre-aging problems,
  • Supports normal functions for different organs.
Direction of use : 

30ml twice daily before food.



A coffee powder blended with Ayurvedic mixture named Salacia reticulata roots prescribed by Charaka Maharishi (900 BC – 700 BC) in his book Ekanayakam.

This coffee is the best treatment for prediabetes and many people have stopped taking Sugar tablets after some days of drinking this coffee.

This coffee powder is blended with export quality Coco-coffee beans and also consists of Fenugreek (Venthayam), White Kidney beans, Indian Gino for the best treatment.

Direction of use : 

1 sachet (15g) twice a day before food (Morning & evening)



It is the product for the people who were having the obesity problem, it also comes in powder format. This product consists of FB3 composition (Coleus forkohlii, salasia reticulata, Sesamum indicum).

These ingredients helps burning fats at some above higher ratio thus help to reduce weight in a shorter period. Usually 2 – 4kgs weight loss per month.

Direction of use : 

1 Sachet mixed with luke warm water once in a every day morning skipping breakfast.



This is just like a coca-cola diet drink but this consists of purely herbal plants and roots to give energy. No chemicals included.

The main ingredient is Kanna, (Found in South Africa – well known for instant performance in enhancing abilities and reducing stress).

Helps to retain memory and acts as a anti-depressive agent, helps to heal metabolic dis-orders.

Direction of use : 

one or two pre-packed tin cans every day


Multiple ways to Earn in this business

At VIVA, there are 10 ways to earn  in their business plan.

  • Retailer Profit
  • Top Retailers Bonus
  • Business Opening Bonus
  • Quick Start Bonus
  • Presidential Upgrading Bonus
  • Team Bonus
  • Rank Maintenance Bonus
  • Royalty
  • Elite Business Match Bonus
  • Reward Programs
Weekly payout, credited directly directly to your bank.

Viva Rank Advancements

  • Star Distributor                                                                   
  • Star - 205 Distributor
  • Star - 500 Distributor
  • Star - 1000 Distributor
  • Ruby Executive
  • Pearl Executive
  • Emerald Executive
  • Sapphire Executive
  • Executive Diamond
  • Executive Blue Diamond
  • Executive Purple Diamond
  • Executive White Diamond
  • Black Diamond Ambassador
  • Royal Black Diamond Ambassador
  • Imperial Black Diamond Ambassador
  • Crown Black Diamond Ambassador
  •            alt

Rank Maintenance Bonus (RMB): 

Rank Maintence Bonus will be paid only for ruby executive and above. Upon Maintaining your achieved rank 




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